First Orion’s scam protection stops the scammers, while our branded calls identify the right calls to answer.

First Orion’s scam protection stops the scammers, while our branded calls identify the right calls to answer.

Transparency and trust in delivering superior communication

Mobile operators, enterprises and content providers work with First Orion because of our deep data expertise in the telecom industry since 2008. We provide transparency in communication so people trust their phones again. With a team that has over 200+ years of combined experience in scam and fraud protection, we pride ourselves on ensuring that consumer trust and experience is at the heart of our innovative solutions

First Orion Brazil Offers 3 Core Solutions:

Call Protection

Branded Calls

Mobile Content Monetization

Why you should trust First Orion:

  • Mobile Operators use our platform because they want the best data in the industry and real-time spam and scam detection
  • Businesses activate their brand through our enhanced, branded calling services
  • Customers rely on us for protection

New Survey!

Discover results from the “Unwanted Calls in Brazil” survey.

New Survey!

Discover results from the “Unwanted Calls in Brazil” survey.

Let’s match our solutions to your business

Call Protection Services

The trusted, global leader in data and call protection.

Stop the bad calls from reaching subscribers without blocking the good. First Orion delivers real-time spam and scam detection via leading data and analytics that ensure that mobile operators are always steps ahead of scammers. With industry-leading data scientists and innovative call protection, we enhance the call experience for some of the world’s largest mobile operators, millions of consumers and businesses. Deliver trust with your subscribers. Secure your network.

Branded Call Services

Your phone call – answered.

Unknown numbers don’t get answered – and that’s bad for business. Break through the scam noise and tell consumers not just who, but why you’re calling. We solve the problem of unanswered phone calls, connecting businesses with consumers – increasing not only answer rates (by over 200%) but conversions, loyalty and more. Expand opportunities to build new revenue streams and deliver branding, logos, and messages to your outbound calls. When calls are backed by our technology and scam protection, it’s safe to call and answer.

Mobile Content Monetization Services

Leverage the Carrier channel and discover new opportunities!

You have an app that matters but getting it into the hands of others is a challenge. That’s a 1 billion smartphone user opportunity! Not anymore. Our Mobile Content Monetization provides a full-service, end-to-end content revenue solution. First Orion provides all the expertise and resources to acquire, bill, and retain mobile users. We provide content owners peace of mind by handling the challenging logistics of integrating, coordinating and executing all necessary activities. We will launch your premium content, and provide full-service billing and payment settlement throughout the entire active user lifecycle. Backed by our global expertise in call protection and branded calling, our trusted partnerships with mobile carriers allows us to optimize content distribution and generate recurring and long-tail revenue for your mobile content. First Orion will fund marketing campaigns for selected premium content under revenue share agreements. Monetize your premium content today! 

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